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    EV charge points installed using Onroute

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    other low-carbon tech installations

Powering a low-carbon future

We provide enterprise grade solutions to enable the efficient rollout and installation of low carbon technologies. From EV charging points at home or at work, to solar panels, V2G technology, batteries and more.

Onroute is the only service built from the ground up to streamline the operations of OZEV approved EV Charge Point installers. It's simple to ensure your installations are compliant and submitted on time.

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    Onroute is helping to transform the efficiency of our operations and to equip us for the rapid expansion that there will no doubt be over the coming months and years.

    Richard Jones, Director, EVCamel

  • Having used Onroute for over 2 years, it has streamlined how we operate tremendously, and allowed us to be efficient and accurate in our scheduling and EVHS form submissions.

    Mark Pymm, Director, ChargedEV

  • Kaluza

    Bringing Onroute in house has enabled us to use optimal routing for our scheduling team, enabling us to schedule more efficiently.

    Melissa Bennett, Operations Support Lead, Kaluza

  • Auream Energy

    Onroute has greatly improved our level of compliance to regulatory obligations, streamlined our OZEV submission process and generally proved to be a very efficient and effective way to scale our business with workflow.

    Laurence Bradbury, Director, Auream Energy

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    Onroute has helped streamline the way we run our business, helping to reduce administrative costs and increase profitability.

    Ian Willis, Director, ChargepointEV

Manage effortlessly

Take the complexity out of EVHS and WCS claims. Save time with one-click OZEV submissions and automatic notifications to the ENA, DNO's, local authorities and more.

OZEV claims

Ensure customers qualify and collect everything in one place. Check VRN's direct with the DVLA, view off-street parking with street-view images, and more. When it's time to claim all it takes is one click.

Automated submissions

Reduce the burden of completing multiple spreadsheets, word documents, and PDFs. DNO applications, ENA and Local Authority notifications are all submitted automatically at the end of each month.

Make it yours

Go beyond OZEV installations with our professionally designed forms for any job, all provided at no extra cost. Capture photos, location data, barcodes and signatures, with ease.

Schedule efficiently

Consolidate routing and scheduling operations in one intuitive web dashboard.

Route recommendations

Onroute’s integrated route recommendation engine considers time, location, capacity and traffic to produce the most efficient scheduling solutions. Need to make changes or re-optimize? Updates are sent to installers in real-time.

Bird's-eye view

Focus on what matters with date, installer, and status filtering. Quickly find customers or jobs with saved searches, preset filters, and text queries.

Pin-point precision

Type ahead search lets you instantly find hyper-accurate addresses. Or drag the map marker to pin-point exactly where the job is.

Empower installers

Installers love Onroute's user friendly mobile apps.

Effortless onboarding

Simple, intuitive native iOS apps make it dead simple for new installers to get started. (Android coming soon!)

Real-time data

Up-to-the-second customer info, installation details and navigation. Avoid traffic using Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze. Complete tasks even when there's no signal with offline sync.

Onsite signatures

Enforce completion requirements through in-app collection of photos, signatures, barcodes and notes.

Electrical works certification

Breeze through electrical certification with in-app, 18th edition compliant forms.

Delight customers

Real-time updates, direct communication and a critical feedback loop.

Online self service

Allow customers to complete the EVHS claim form, send photos, and sign documents, online in their own time. Spend less time with back and forth emails.

Real-time installer tracking

Provide live installer locations with accurate ETAs in a beautiful, branded and responsive web tracking experience.

Integrated customer communication

Send personalised bulk SMS and email messages and continue the conversation with replies intelligently assigned to the right job.

Feedback collection

Get a first-hand account of each customer’s experience after their installation with Onroute's integrated feedback form.

Enterprise grade

Best-in-class APIs, unparalleled reliability, stability, and security, and hands-on support make Onroute the clear choice for enterprise businesses.

You're in good company

From startups to major utilities, the most successful installation companies choose Onroute.

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